SecurED® Security Awareness Training Gets Tested


Social Engineering is one of the most effective techniques that hackers use to penetrate the security mechanisms employed by organizations to protect critical information. In order to fend off these forms of attacks, it is essential for organizations to effectively educate their employees.

Security training has long been criticized for being boring, unengaging and lacking the ability to measure success. Organizations have found it difficult to invest in unproven programs.

Today there is a better option!

SecurED, is a new, innovative security awareness education program developed by Digital Defense, Inc. in collaboration with an Emmy® award winning comedy sketch writer.  The training videos feature fun, engaging characters to leverage the ‘stickiness factor’ required to optimize employee retention of serious security intelligence and best practices.

In the newly released final report of the Ponemon study, Experimental Analysis of SecurED Training Effectiveness, key outcomes include:

  • SecurED outperforms the alternative training intervention by 300% in long term gains
  • Subjects perceive SecurED as more relevant to their job functions than the alternative 
  • All three SecurED training modules tested in the study held consistency positive results.  With respect to quiz performance, subjects on average scored above an 80% correct response rate.
  • 88% of subjects perceive SecurED as enjoyable and worthwhile.
  • A majority of subjects believe security training should be rolled out top down rather than bottom up, indicating that senior executives taking the time to do security training is helpful in demonstrating the importance of information risk management.

Experimental Analysis of SecurED Training Effectiveness
September 2013

SecurED Gets High Marks!

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"Employees who do not understand their responsibility in safeguarding confidential and sensitive information are putting their company at great risk. As revealed in this research, quality security training programs that are relevant and engaging can make a tremendous difference in reducing the threat and likelihood of a data breach."

- Larry Ponemon
Chairman and Founder
Ponemon Institute

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